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Take a look at some of my recent case studies to see how I’ve helped local businesses advertise with high quality media creation. I specialise in video production, commercial photography and web design.

Restorative Techniques Photography
Restorative Techniques Photography
Graphic Design RT

Restorative TechniQues

Restorative Techniques are an environmentally friendly, masonry-cleaning and conservation company based in Almondsbury. They’ve grown from a home-based startup to an international success over the last few decades. However, they lacked an online presence, and they asked MP Media to help with that.

To boost their online marketing, I created a social media campaign containing photos, graphic designs and promotional short videos. This enabled them to showcase and demonstrate their product range to a wider audience. I also helped them to update their website with feature videos and created a set of videos and product photos for them to use in their digital brochures. 

WT Web Design
WT Branded Content
WT Social Media Design
WT Web Design

THE Wotton Times

During the coronavirus pandemic, The Wotton Times were unable to produce their printed newspapers. I revamped their online platforms by helping them build a new website which included a digital subscriber area. This area was used to share their latest issues as well as previous archives. I also created a series of marketing adverts for their new venture, as well as some branded content for them to use on their social media channels. The Wotton Times are now a regular client for MP Media.

Clearvue photography

Clearvue Window CleaNERS

Clearvue hired MP Media to create a short promotional video to use on their social platforms. After a quick chat about the details, we set up a date and location for the shoot. The turnaround for this was less than 72 hours, from capturing the shoot to posting the finished marketing video online.

We heard back from Clearvue after a few days to say they had already surpassed the cost of the video with new clients!


Action PAs’ website was  becoming dated. They decided to change their hosting provider and asked MP Media to give their old website a fresh look. The brief required that we keep the branding the same, so I designed a new website that gave their business a modern feel without losing their existing brand image in the process.

As with all of my sites, I optimised the responsiveness across multiple devices, ensuring the site looks great whether it’s viewed on a mobile phone, or from your laptop.

Wotton Directory Graphic Design
Wotton directory Graphic Design


Earlier this year, MP Media created new websites for both the Five Valleys and the Wotton Directory. For my latest project, I was asked to design the front cover for the May 2020 print edition. They wanted a design based around the upcoming VE Day, marking its 75th Anniversary. I always like having the freedom to get creative, so I came up with this design for them, which they loved. See what I did there?

My design is inspired by the iconic LOVE pop art image by American artist Robert Indiana.

Olivia YOung - Journalist

Olivia Young is a freelance journalist who works for a number of online publications. She regularly receives story requests from big brands, industry leaders and publicists, and she needed a website to direct potential clients to, as well as showcase her existing stories.

I built her a shiny new custom website and photographed her headshots to use on the site and other online sites and profiles.


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